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Methods of Addition
The preferred method is to add the IAF compound to the pigment mix before grinding or regrinding operation. Another method is to stir the dry IAF compound into the finished paint. Since the amounts of IAF compounds will vary, and since the methods of handling them will vary, the formulator should determine the optimum quantity needed to prevent floating in his formulation. In many cases, 2 pounds of IAF per 100 gallons of finished paint gives satisfactory results.

Comparison of finishes Shown are portions of panels finished with pigmented coatings with and without IAF X-2280. Note the uniform color and continuous surface of the finish with the IAF X-2280 (top) and the streaky appearance of the finish without it (bottom.)


Finish with the IAF X-2280 (10x)

Finish without the IAF X-2280 (10x)

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