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Toxicity Information

Typical Properties
Specific gravity 2.53
Bulking value, gallons per pound 0.0223
Pounds per solid gallon 21.1

When X-2280 was administered to laboratory animals (rats) at a dose of 10.2 grams per kilogram of body weight, more than half the animals survived. The acute oral toxic dose (AOT-LD 50) is, therefore, greater than 10 grams per kilogram. As we interpret the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, this product should not be considered hazardous. IAF X-2280 complies with American National Standards Institute Specification Z66.1-1964.

Approvals: Approved by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for use in Std #61. Coatings that come in contact with potable water. Cleared under F.D.A. regulations #175.300 and 178.3297 for use in coatings intended to come in contact with dry food. HS Code: 2836.50.000. TSCA SECTION 8(B)-INVENTORY STATUS. ALL CHEMICALS COMPRISING THIS PRODUCT ARE EITHER EXEMPT OR LISTED ON THE TSCA INVENTORY.

Because we cannot anticipate or correct the many different conditions under which this information and our products may be used, we do not guarantee the applicability or the accuracy of this information or the suitability of our products in any given situation. Users of of our products should make their own tests to determine the suitability of each support product for their particular purposes. The products discussed are sold without warrantee, either express or implied and buyer assumes all responsibility for loss or damage arising from the handling and use of our products whether done in accordance with directions or not. Also statements concerning the possible use of our products are not intended as recommendations to use our products in the infringements of any patent.


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